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How to get your big game trophy or shed antler scored

M.O.M. has certified measurers located across the state and it is suggested that you contact the one closest to you. Just click on the location balloon that is closest to you on the map above. Each member has his or her contact information available as well as their club affiliations. Once you have located a measurer, contact him or her to answer any questions you may have and or set up a time and place to meet and measure and score your trophy. As measurers are volunteers, it is requested that the trophy be brought to the measurer if possible. Or you can bring your trophy to be measured and scored to a sporting or outdoor show that M.O.M. will be attending to measure at. A list of upcoming events that M.O.M. will be attending can be found on the Home page of this website.

Now let’s discuss the drying period. Before any official measurements can be taken, any harvested, picked up or found antlers (attached to skulls) and bear and wolf skulls must go thru a minimum 60 day (after the animal was harvested or found) air drying period at normal room temperature. For bear and wolf skulls the 60 day drying period begins after the skull has been completely cleaned. Shed antlers can be measured and scored immediately after finding them. Any trophy measured or scored prior to the 60 day drying period (shed antlers are the only exception) is considered an unofficial score and will not be recognized. Note: a big game animal or shed antler may only be officially measured and scored once.

M.O.M. uses the same scoring systems as Boone & Crockett, Pope & Young and the North American Shed Hunters Club. Once a measurer has completed measuring and has determined the final score for the trophy animal or shed antler, he or she will use the final score to determine whether the trophy meets the minimum entry requirements for the type of weapon used to harvest the animal. This applies to picked up or found trophy categories as well. If the trophy does meet the minimum score for a category the measurer will discuss and assist you with the process of entering the trophy in any or all of the appropriate record books. Click on the MINIMUM SCORES button at the top of the page for a listing of minimum scores. Please note that there is a fee associated when submitting an entry into any of the record books.

The current fees for entering into the following record books are as follow:

Big Game Records of Minnesota:

All racks and skulls: $20.00

  • Enter 3 or more at once for $15.00 each

Single shed antlers: $8.00

  • Enter 5 or more at once for $5.00 each

Matched set of shed antlers: $15.00

  • Enter 3 or more at once for $10.00

Boone & Crockett Club: $40.00

Pope & Young Club: $40.00

Longhunter Society (muzzle loading): $25.00

North American Shed Hunters Club:

Single shed antler: $15.00

Matched set of shed antlers: $25.00