ZZ_Big Game Records of Minnesota

M.O.M. will be publishing its first record book, Big Game Records of Minnesota, in the fall of 2015.

The exact date has not been determined yet, but is on track to have it printed and available before

Thanksgiving. It’ll make a great Christmas gift for many who have been eagerly awaiting a new record

How M.O.M.’s record book came to be.

In January 2014 the club M.O.M. purchased the Minnesota Deer Classic Record Book.

Once purchased, a new name was needed for the record book and club members submitted several

names. A vote was taken at a club meeting and the name, Big Game Records of Minnesota, was chosen

to be the name of M.O.M.’s first record book.

A record book committee was established and is tasked with publishing a new, entertaining and the

most complete and accurate state record book of Minnesota’s big game animals available.

Several committee members have spent countless hours of their own time reviewing all available data –

old and new – for accuracy in order to publish M.O.M.’s first Big Game Records of Minnesota record

book. There was also a recent addition to the records when MDHA provided their records to M.O.M. for

inclusion in the record book.

In addition to reviewing all of the data, the committee has been tasked with choosing the materials,

layout, content, pictures, stories, advertisements and publisher, for the book.

As the majority of these tasks have been completed, the first proof is only weeks away and once final

edits have been made it’s off to the printer!

M.O.M. looks forward to making this record book available for purchase as soon as possible.

Details on the price and how to purchase and obtain a copy will be available in the near future.